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Can you put sheets of Crayola Color Wonder paper into a laser jet printer?

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I would like to print some images I have downloaded from various websites onto the blank Crayola Color Wonder paper instead of using the character books from Crayola. I was wondering if the ink from the printer will show up on the paper or if the special coating on the paper will ruin the printer.

The Color Wonder paper is specially made to pick up the lueco dye in the markers. Really, the key to the system is the marker; the paper is treated to pickup these dyes and probably normal inks as well. I don't know how non-lueco inks would be displayed on the paper or how they would interact when in use with the special markers.

I would try a single sheet and color on it as a test. I don't think it would harm your printer.

I want to start a custom invitation business etc.. What programs do i need etc..etc. Please help?


Also what type of printer and paper work best..

Programs that are very versatile if you know how to use them and combine their use: Adobe photoshop, page maker and illustrator. Coreldraw, quark express, and freehand.

as to the equipment, a powerful computer that can render good graphics, printer you may need 2 kinds, high quality ink jet printer, a laser printer, if you can afford to buy, buy a colored laser printer.

as to paper, research different types of paper and find out which are ink jet friendly. paper that aren't ink jet friendly, use the colored laser. However, you should test each paper since each kind has different reaction to different printer types.

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